Take a Walk

When Pop Up Magazine began thinking about the kinds of stories they wanted to make for their Fall Issue, they knew they wanted to create an experience that was engaging and interactive … that compelled listeners to do something … anything, really. And they realized there was one thing everyone on their team was doing more of: walking. Now that many of us are working from home, we’re walking in order to fill up space … to clear our minds … to cry … to talk on the phone … to entertain our kids … to do nothing … but walk.

Pop Up’s interviews ended up in surprisingly deep discussions about death, heartache, self-empowerment, poverty, the prison system, loneliness, and love. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones (and your mask), step outside, and start walking.

Pop Up Magazine’s team spent weeks interviewing dozens of people about walking, including Jenny Slate, Anna Sale (Death, Sex & Money), Antwan Williams (Ear Hustle), author and radio host Lulu Miller, writer Sam Jay (Saturday Night Live), NASA Astronaut Drew Feustel, Sergeant Julian Torres, and many others — this audio jaunt was the result.

  1. Pedro

    Damnnnnnnnn! The sound design on this one is something else. Siiiii immersive. Roman, you guys have a goal to reach.

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