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We carefully screen and believe in all the products and services we advertise on episodes of our show. Support our sponsors and you will also be supporting 99% Invisible. Click here for a list of current sponsors and corresponding discount codes just for listeners.

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99% Invisible has a loyal following of educated, design-minded individuals who are actively engaged with the world — and with the show. In fact, 72% of our listeners never miss an episode. If you are hoping to establish your brand or project as a leader in design, these are the people you want to reach.

We have found that host-read, custom spots during our end credits of episodes generate the greatest response from our audience. Our unique spots have proven so engaging that listeners stick around and wait just to listen to them. Members of our audience have even complained when a beloved spot was absent from an episode. You read that right: we got complaints when we didn’t run an ad. On older episodes, we also offer pre-roll options on a cost-per-impression basis.

We are happy to help spread your message. Let us help you captivate our audience in a way that makes sense. Contact Nectar for web-specific advertising inquires; we can even design your ads for you! For audio episode sponsorships, fill out this form to get in touch with PRX.

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Our website and additional web features are made possible with the help of advertisers. 99% invisible listeners and readers also go out of their way to support these sponsors. To become a web sponsor, please contact Nectar Ads.

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