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“99% Invisible…is completely wonderful and entertaining and beautifully produced…”
— Ira Glass, This American Life

“We think what he’s doing is inspiring. It has a kind of rhythm and musicality that you don’t normally find in radio or podcast storytelling.”
— Jad Abumrad, Radiolab

“Roman Mars lights the radio. His pieces conjure other worlds, grapple with big ideas, make sound three dimensional. They are smart and funny and original. The Kitchen Sisters would like to be Presidents of his Fan Club.”
The Kitchen Sisters, Peabody Award-winning producers for NPR

“I love the show. It’s wonderful. [It] actually reminded me of why I love radio.”
— Jonathan Goldstein, CBC’s WireTap

“Mars is the Ira Glass of design.”
— Allison Arieff, design columnist for The New York Times

Roman Mars' Secret to Irresistible Storytelling

March 18, 2014 “The title of Roman Mars's popular podcast, 99% Invisible, actually reveals something crucial about telling compelling stories: helping people put their fingers on the (nearly) intangible.”

The 60-second Interview: Roman Mars

October 22, 2014 “There's a lot of good coverage of design and architecture that's about pretty, shiny things, and I like that I don't have the temptation to cover that territory again. I like the ugly things, the manhole covers.”

Building Public Radio 2.0 

November 12, 2014 "Oakland-based podcaster Roman Mars is propping up independent radio producers across the country through Radiotopia, a new collective of innovative storytelling shows."

Roman Mars

December 2, 2014 Excerpt from The Great Discontent, Issue One. A collection of inspiring interviews loosely based around the theme of leaps... those who have followed their instincts and taken risks to pursue their dreams. Their stories encourage, inspire, and challenge us to make the jump, even if—and especially when—we’re afraid.

The Broadcast Clock

Sept., 2013 “By far the best design podcast around — and one of the best podcasts, period.”

101 Signals: Design

August, 2013 “Mars offers mini master classes to tell big stories unlike anything else in design media.”

Roman Mars: Public Radio Maverick

August 6, 2013 "Almost exactly one year ago, Roman Mars' 'tiny radio show about design' proved itself a big online hit when it became the most highly funded journalism Kickstarter to date."

Rewind Radio: 99% Invisible

May 25, 2013 "The conceit is that it's about design, architecture 'and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world', but, actually, it's about human experience, often based in untold or forgotten history."

One Way To Make Money: Ask People For It

May 10, 2013 "Brooke [Gladstone] talks crowdfunding past and future with Roman Mars, host of the show 99% Invisible, who used Kickstarter to fund his third season."

Roman Mars and Boots Riley, Live at SF Sketchfest

February 19, 2013 "Roman joins Jesse onstage to discuss his theory of creativity, his reasons for exchanging his dream of becoming a scientist for a career in public radio, and his Doogie Houser-esque college experience."

'99% Invisible': More Visible Than Ever

July 18, 2012 "I've mentioned my love of a little podcast/radio show called 99% Invisible. Hosted by Roman Mars, its short episodes delve into 'design, architecture and the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world'."

Roman Mars Interview

April 6, 2012 "Radio producer Roman Mars discusses the connection between ’zines and radio, why he ditched science and the reason he named his show 99% Invisible."

Radiolab Presents: 99% Invisible

December 12, 2011 “Roman Mars loves to spotlight the seams and joints that make up the world around us. He's the host of an irresistible podcast called 99% Invisible”

Show: 99% Invisible

March 21, 2011 "Roman creates lovely little form-is-content pieces about design. They stick with you. Come check out an episode or subscribe to the whole thing, and read Roman’s encouraging notes about making creative work."