Three Things That Made the Modern Economy

50 Things That Made The Modern Economy is a podcast that explores the fascinating histories of a number of powerful inventions and their far-reaching consequences. This week, 99% Invisible is featuring three episodes that explain how the s-bend pipe revolutionized indoor plumbing, how high-tech ‘death ray’ led to the invention of radar, and the impact of bricks.

50 Things That Made the Modern Economy is produced by BBC World Service and hosted by Tim Harford.


  1. jschuh

    Thanks, way to spoil my listening of a podcast I’m already subscribed to.
    It’s all well and good that you promote other podcasts, but three entire episodes is a little much, no?

  2. Neil LaPointe

    Great podcast from the Beeb, but you may want to give them a bit of a shoulder-tap…the Canadian Itunes feed features ALL the podcasts in the series…sans right channel audio.

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