Radiotopia Kickstarter!

Hi everyone, Roman here.

Thank you, backers, for making 99% Invisible possible.

For the first Kickstarter in 2012, the question was: should 99% Invisible exist?

In the second campaign, we asked you if 99% Invisible should become a weekly, professional operation and pay everyone a living wage.

Luckily, you answered with an emphatic “yes” to both of those questions and I hope you feel like the weekly shows have been everything you hoped for and you still value what we’re producing.

Today I’m going to Kickstarter one last time, on behalf of 99% Invisible and all of PRX’s Radiotopia, with the goal of supporting another season of 99% Invisible, all the other programs in Radiotopia, and (hopefully) bringing new shows into the collective.

This is the biggest, most important thing I’ve ever been involved in and it’s what I’ve been working toward since I started 99pi over four years ago. This Kickstarter for Radiotopia is about cementing an infrastructure for the most creative and interesting storytelling programs to find an audience and prosper. I took a huge risk and asked a bunch of indie producers I admire to have faith in the idea of us as a collective and I hope you’ll join me in making this the biggest campaign of all.

Over 17,000 people backed 99% Invisible during the first two campaigns, and if you appreciate what we’ve done with your support, I hope all of you will chip in whatever you can, even if it’s $1, to keep 99% Invisible going and to build a new age of audio storytelling with Radiotopia.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a 99% Invisible Kickstarter without great rewards! This time we have Radiotopia ringtones, a new, exclusive Melodium album, producer-for-a-day experiences, two new 99pi shirts, and a lots more from all the Radiotopians. Check them out!

99pi "Oakland Ray Cats" t-shirt
99pi “Oakland Ray Cats” t-shirt
99pi "Holdout" t-shirt
99pi “Holdout” t-shirt

Support 99pi, Radiotopia, and a new era of public radio right now!

Thanks again! You’re the best bosses and radio producer could have.

Radiotopia: A Storytelling Revolution -- Kicktraq Mini

  1. Bill Davis

    I was listening to your program on my mp3 player and I thought I was going to send you some money, but then I heard the segment that followed, and what I came away with was how wonderful the blackout riots was for hip-hop, that it was a good thing, and you had comments from one of the rioters and how happy he was with what he got away with, and the program was devoid of any sense that the rioters were wrong in what they did, any sense of the lives that were destroyed by the rioters, and that is a moral void that I cannot support. I had a cousin whose store was looted during the Watts riots. He lost everything and ended his life in suicide.

  2. I donated, but I agree with Bill Davis, the episode on the blackout was irresponsible for portraying looting as some societal good – I can’t believe the reporter didn’t even question that hip hop artist to reflect on his crimes

  3. Andrea

    I’m so bummed I missed the campaign (and the ultra amazing Ray Cats t-shirts!) when I was on holidays. I’ll be more vigilant next year so I can get my contribution in on time.

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