OK Ikumi- Outside

99pi favorite, OK Ikumi is back with a new digital EP and vinyl release, “Outside.” It’s a follow-up, in style and tone, to his 2012 masterpiece “Alpine Sequences.” Highly recommended! Karl is generous enough to allow us to use his music to make our show better, so I’d love it if we could all buy a copy or two and keep beautiful, indie electronic music alive and well.

I particularly love the cover of “Outside” because it reminds me of the graphics from Battlezone.


  1. It seems like there used to be an easy, simple link to all the music loved and listened to via 99pi (which, I think, is how I discovered Lullatone [thank you for that]), but not I can’t find it and I’m wondering if I imagined it. Did I imagine it? Was it in my dreams?

  2. Dan Thatcher (@thatchmo3000)

    Might I recommend Jim Guthrie? His music was the soundtrack for the amazing “Sword and Sorcery” iphone game and “Indie Game the Movie”. Beautiful stuff

  3. Karl (okIkumi) and I are old friends (and thrice roommates) it is so awesome to see him getting the publicity he deserves! Thank you Roman for putting his name out there! In addition to his music, he is also a real cool guy.

  4. dancebert

    The Battlezone graphics match my memory of Panzer, which I last played on PLATO at U of Illinois in 1980.

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