Kickstart Season 4- Weekly!

Help us Kickstart Season 4 of 99% Invisible.

99% Invisible started as a side project I made in my bedroom at night, and after two years of making the program, I turned to Kickstarter to see if I should keep it going. To my great surprise, the Season 3 fund-raising campaign broke all previous records for a journalism project on Kickstarter. We hired a producer (Sam Greenspan!), overhauled the website, grew the audience, and made the show better than it has ever been.

For Season 4, we want to Kickstart the next giant leap in the evolution of 99% Invisible:

We want to go weekly.

We’re staffing up and going pro. This involves hiring more help (contract reporters, editors, a production coordinator, paid interns), moving into a proper office, and commissioning more stories. The 52 weekly episodes of Season 4 will start February 4, 2014 and run for one year.

We are making a new kind of public radio in a new way. I must admit, after the huge success and growth of the show in the last year, I thought the public radio decision-makers and granting institutions would really get behind 99% Invisible, but they are slow to act. It’s OK, their deliberate nature is part of why we love them, but it means it is up to you to tell us if we should expand and make more. This is as public as public radio gets.

Our dream is to hire Sean Cole as a monthly contributor. Not only is he the best reporter in public radio, he also produced one of our favorite 99% Invisible stories, “Some Other Sign That People Do Not Totally Regret Life.”

We have great rewards for both the 99% Invisible fan and for the non-fan who just likes cool things:









Plus, loads more! Join us!


  1. I can’t believe you can produce this quality of radio show on the budget you’ve put together. Roman, you and your team are fantastic! I’m in.

  2. Tom Drescher

    I would love to contribute, but am unwilling to give Amazon my Social Security number.

  3. Jodie Ostrovsky

    I have to say, considering this is a design focused show, I found it extremely hard to find the link to make a donation. One little red link at the bottom of the page doesn’t quite cut it. You have to really Want to donate. Luckily, I did.

  4. Theresa

    Why am I providing my personal information twice to make this donation? I’d love to help the project but am doing my best to reduce the number of companies that have my information. A Kickstarter page asks for all my information, then there’s an Amazon Payment account page. Both of these want me to set up new accounts. already has an account for me.

  5. Paul

    The first episode left me furious – I was not prepared for a 12- minute appetizer! Since then I have been relishing the short-form radio show, the almost hypnotic intro, the soundscape, the intrigue, the brevity. Thank you for a wonderful body of work.

  6. Theresa Greger

    I have tried 3 times to donate and am sent from to to and then amazon wants me to set up a new account even though I already have one. Why all the links? Can I just call in a donation?

  7. Merlin

    Love your show and want to contribute $25.00 to The Cause. Can I just send a cheque (yup, Canadian …)? I do not wish to sign up with yet another online entity.

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