Spotify: Score your life like 99% Invisible

Mostly instrumental, some words. All good. New songs added with each episode. Enjoy.

  1. Sarah

    Hey Roman, this is dreamy. Thank you for putting this together (and for all of the other amazing work you do).

    Best regards.

  2. Brad

    Any change you could export the playlist and post for us non-US listeners. I’d like to check out on iTunes or a service available here locally. Thanks for the show!

    1. Ben

      Or even just some sort of streaming service on this site that doesn’t run on geographically-challenged software…

  3. Sadly, both Spotify and Rdio don’t work in Thailand.
    And I agree with Sarah, thank you Roman for all you do! I really love the show!

  4. Dan

    This playlist is amazing. Perfect for work. I liked it so much that I decided that 99pi is too important not to back on kickstarter.

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