Happy Holidays! New Limited Edition Gift Bundles Now in the 99pi Store

Get all of your holiday shopping done in one place with a range of nifty new things in our shop, available separately or bundled into gift packs, including signed books, challenge coins and our new album. For the beautiful nerds in your life, look no further than the 99pi store!

New to the shop: a series of seven large postcards featuring some of our favorite images from The 99% Invisible City, available as a set or bundled with challenge coins and signed books or book plates.

For international fans who haven’t been able to get signed copies, Roman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt also signed a limited number of book plates — stickers to turn your regular edition into a signed one! These are based on the design of the book challenge coin.

Speaking of which: if you missed out on the pre-order challenge, we have 99% Invisible City challenge coins available in multiple bundles.

Finally, we pressed a number of copies of Sean Real’s album, but alas, the vinyl versions are currently out of stock — you can, however, pre-order the next pressing or buy and download it in digital form!

P.S. A lot of people have been inquiring about the do-it-yourself music boxes mentioned in the recent Sean Exploder episode — we don’t sell those in our store, but they are available here for just under $20!

To check out 99pi merch both old and new, visit 99pi.org/store!

And if you want to buy the book by itself, check out 99pi.org/book!

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