Freshly Minted: The 99pi City Pre-Order Coin Challenge [Update: Out of Stock]

Update (9/26): these coins are now out of stock — special thanks to everyone who participated in this pre-order challenge!

Anyone who has listened to 99% Invisible likely knows that we have a long history with challenge coins, starting with an episode produced years ago about these curious collectibles — this time, we created a coin to to go with your copy of The 99% Invisible City.

Shortly after our Coin Check episode aired, 99% Invisible debuted its first challenge coin with a series of symbols representing different aspects of 99pi as well as specific stories that had aired to date.

This time around, coins were shipped out to 10,000 fortunate individuals who pre-ordered the book (thanks again, everyone!), the first 5,000 for free courtesy of our publisher, HMH, and the next 5,000 with a flat-rate shipping-and-handling charge.

99pi draft version of the book and challenge coin photographs by Michelle Loeffler

Designed by 99pi’s partners at MUCHMORE, the new coin features elements of cities you will recognize right away as well as ones you’ll learn much more about in your copy of The 99% Invisible City!

    1. 99pi

      Larry, you can try checking with your local bookseller to see if they can order it for you.

  1. Nicholas Schwankl

    They look awesome! Should we expect any notification that the form went through after submitting? Can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Mikey mitchell

    My dad gave me this challenge coin after I enlisted in the army, but I didn’t get a book so I have no idea as to what the symbols are any help?

    1. 99pi

      In short: they’re utility markings. As to the specifics: we get into some of that in the book, but a lot of it is local (like regional dialects) so it varies – those particular codes happen to be Oakland-based.

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