Earn Your Badge: Support 99pi by Becoming a Radiotopia Citizen

99pi is part of Radiotopia, a collective of independent podcasters who make some of the most innovative shows out there. But what really sets us apart is the incredible community of Radiotopia Citizens: our devoted listeners who support the work we do.

Radiotopia shows are downloaded 17 million times a month and we need your help to grow our Radiotopia Citizen community to 20,000 donors. Currently, only 7 in 10,000 listeners donate to support the network, but you can help us change that.

We bring these podcasts to you for free, but there are serious costs associated with taking creative risks while delivering the highest quality shows in the world. By supporting us with a monthly gift, we will be able to continue to do just that. Surprise youShock youMake you laughMake you madMake you feel.

Donate now to help us reach our goal, grow our community, and keep Radiotopia’s shows independent and strong. We’ve also designed a cool mix of exclusive gifts to thank you for your generosity. Please click here and show your support for 99% Invisible and Radiotopia!

And if you haven’t already: tune into other great Radiotopia shows including MortifiedThe AllusionistCriminalThe HeartThe TruthThe Memory PalaceRadio DiariesThe Theory of EverythingSong ExploderLove + RadioFugitive Waves, & StrangersThe West Wing Weekly, Ear Hustle, The Bugle and of course What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law hosted by 99pi’s own Roman Mars.

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