Anything’s Pastable: Eat Sauté Love

Each week, The Sporkful uses humor and humanity to approach food from many angles, including identity, culture, science, history, economics, and lengthy debates on the best way to layer a PB&J. They like to say it’s not a show for for foodies, but for eaters. This week we’re featuring an episode from The Sporkful‘s series on the creation of “Anything’s Pastable,” Dan Pashman’s new pasta cookbook.

In this episode, Dan an embarks on an epic trip across Italy in search of lesser-known pasta dishes — and to learn about the evolution of pasta more broadly, traveling to Rome, interviewing a pasta historian, and  meeting a chef who was there when a regional specialty called spaghetti all’assassina (“assassin’s spaghetti”) was invented. The show asks: What does evolution look like in a food culture that’s so often depicted in sepia tones? And what’s his place in that process?

“Eat your way through a world of new and different pasta sauces with this fun and charmingly obsessive cookbook” Remember: Anything’s Pastable

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