99% Merch: New Shirt, Challenge Coin Lapel Pin & Beautiful Nerd Club Card

During 99% Invisible’s 2018 East Coast Tour with Radiotopia, host Roman Mars could be spotted wearing a distinctive lapel pin (unique at the time) based on the classic 99pi challenge coin design. That pin is now available to all 99pi fans in our store with a special club card. Also new in the shop: a curved cut version of our classic BDOC shirt.

Beautiful Nerd Club Card + Lapel Pin

If you vow to read every plaque, be aware of all design details, exalt in the beauty of good flags, quatrefoils and curb cuts; and to find wonder in the world, you ARE a Beautiful Nerd. Show your pride by wearing the 1” Beautiful Nerd lapel pin and carrying the Beautiful Nerd club card with you always. Become a card-carrying, pin-wearing member of a group of engaged and thoughtful humans.

Beautiful Nerd Bundle

Get the Beautiful Nerd t-shirt, club card, lapel pin, and a 16.67% discount when you purchase them together. This is a trifecta of awesomeness and makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite nerd. Beautiful Nerd T-shirts are available in three colors.

Beautiful Downtown Oakland California “Curved Cut” T-Shirt

We love being in Oakland and now you can show your Oakland pride, too. Thanks to fan demand, we now have a super soft Beautiful Downtown Oakland California t-shirt in heathered black.

For all this and more, visit the store page right here on 99% Invisible.

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