This Day In Esoteric Political History

In times like these, we could all use a little historical perspective. In this new podcast from Radiotopia, Jody Avirgan, political historian Nicole Hemmer, and special guests rescue moments from the entirety of U.S. history to map our journey through a tumultuous year.

Each episode of This Day In Esoteric Political History takes on one moment from that day and explores what makes it interesting, and what lessons can be learned –– all in under ten minutes.

From a global pandemic upending society to an especially intense U.S. presidential election cycle, we’re living in an unprecedented time. In this show, creators and special guests rescue stories from the entirety of U.S. political history to map our journey through this era.

Each episode takes one moment, big or small, from that day in the past and explores how it might inform our present –– and it does so in under ten minutes. New episodes release Tuesdays & Thursdays. Learn more about the show and subscribe on

  1. Rob

    This podcast should be called “This Day in Esoteric US Political History”.

    Seriously, I was amazed to hear the host describe the current moment as a “national crisis” for the US. A pandemic is *by definition* an international crisis.

  2. Johnny

    I’ve heard several episodes of this podcast. So far, I haven’t heard a single thing that’s esoteric. Most of the items featured are pretty well-known and pretty obvious. Dig deeper, Jody.

  3. derek

    I was going to say, the Patrick Henry quote from March 23 is not very esoteric: it’s famous all over the world. The minimum requirement for esoteric US history is that it should at least be unknown to non-Americans!

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