Image Correspondence #17

Producer Avery Trufelman’s recent episode, Edge of Your Seat (episode #139) inspired me to put together this week’s image correspondence of ordinary, hard working, everyday chairs, away from the desk or table, and out in the world.

Kate_Joyce_Event_Chairs_Chicago_2013Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Party rental chairs at the warehouse, Chicago, 2012

Kate_Joyce_Two_Lawn_Chairs_Chicago_2013Photo Credit: Kate Joyce White plastic patio chairs, Chicago, 2013

Kate_Joyce_Patio_Chairs_Rockford_2014Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Folding aluminum chair and padded deck chair with decorative ivy motif, Rockford, Illinois, 2014

Kate_Joyce_Pay_Phone_Folding_Chair__New_York_2011Photo Credit: Kate Joyce Folding chair with custom upholstered seat cushion, New York City, New York, 2011

Kate Joyce is a Chicago based artist, architectural photographer, and the first image correspondent for 99% Invisible. Every two weeks, Joyce will release new and original work for specific episodes. She’ll also comb through her archive to find previously made photographs that are already in thematic conversation with current and past episodes. “I’m curious to see how audio will shape image and image will shape audio and what that will mean to telling stories about design over time,” Joyce says.

Now You See It  is a photography project of 99% Invisible. We’d like to create a public dialogue by offering our listeners a new way to interact with our show, as well as their own immediate environment. The project includes the Image Correspondent Residency with Kate Joyce, and ongoing photo assignments for listeners.

We want to see what you hear! Submit your images to our Flickr Group, or email them to [email protected] or put them on Instagram with the hashtag #99PI. We’ll be curating and presenting our favorites on our Instagram and Tumblr.

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