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Above: Thank you card from my visit to Ms. Daniel’s Media Arts class at Roosevelt Middle School in SF.

Recent Contributor Round-up:

  • Julia Barton (from episode #25) has a podcast called DTFD, where she loads the dishwasher and talks about radio stories she could be doing if she weren’t busy doing the dishes. Can you guess what the “F” stands for?
  • Michael Idov (also from episode #25) has a great story about the AMC TV network (and the double edged sword that is The Walking Dead) in New York Magazine.
  • Benjamen Walker (from episode # 19) did an episode of his program Too Much Information (called Geronimo IKEA) all about the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden that was probably the finest hour of radio I’ve heard all year. Go listen.
  • The great Stefan Lawrence (who is also the Maximum Fun designer of choice) did my new logo, and it makes me happy every time I see it. Let’s give him a round of applause!

Action Items:

  • I was just down at Apple last week and learned that the number of new iTunes reviews greatly affects the show’s ranking in the podcast store. This kind of blew my mind! So, if you could take the time to write a nice review on iTunes (5 stars seems to be a popular option!), I’d be grateful.* **
  • Spread the word! I’m still trying to secure some funding to finish season #2 of the show. Right now the best way you can help this effort is to tweet, blog, submit links to other blogs, and tell anyone and everyone about the show. If I can demonstrate excitement about the show on the internet, I can turn that into funding support.

Thanks, guys. No new show this week; I’m off to Toronto for other work. When I come back though, I’ll have a special new episode produced by Nate Dimeo of The Memory Palace! Marvel Team-up!

*POSTSCRIPT NOTE: Two people just added 5 star ratings (maybe they wrote reviews too, but they haven’t cleared) and the podcast went up one spot in the design category already. It works! One (or two) can make a difference. Thanks, again.

**POST POSTSCRIPT NOTE: Those THREE new reviews broke the show into the top #50 of Arts podcasts! This is working! If I get ten, I’m taking down Ira.

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