99% Reality (1% Augmented)

There’s not much that we can do about all the physical matter that’s been designed and built by someone else. It is the way it is. But with the advent of portable devices with a GPS, compass, and network, we can now design a layer on top of the real world that can contain all kinds of new information, ideas, and experiences.

This is called ‘augmented reality.’ When most people use the term, they are talking about a visual experience. You hold up the camera of your smartphone and infographics overlay the image of the thing right in front of you. But for my money, the best experience of augmented reality is auditory. Using the iPhone platform, RjDj is exploring the next phase of music, called ‘reactive music.’ Compositions coming out of the headphones are completely unique, mixed in the smartphone, having incorporated data from the listener’s environment. It’s trippy and amazing and provides a new soundtrack to your life, that both reacts to, and is affected by, the world you’re traveling through.

  1. Curtis Presley

    Wow! A friend and co-worker turned me onto your podcast. I listened to some of the new ones, but I am now religiously listening to the older ones, beginning at the beginning. I enjoy following the links, googling the mentioned players, etc. Maybe this comment will be lost in this old episode, but just felt I needed to say how grateful I am and how much I look forward to my daily dose.

    1. Be

      I just wanted to let you know that you’re comment had no been lost to the archive. I’ve been working my way backwards in episodes for about a year and saw this comment. I thought you should know that you’re not alone.

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