New at the 99% Invisible Store: Amabie Face Masks for Charity & Much More

Available now on our store: a sleek face mask featuring the mythical Amabié, designed by our creative partners at MUCHMORE, produced by Ugmonk, with sales proceeds going to the charity Hate is a Virus.

Following our story about Amabié in Return of the Yokai, we reached out to designers at MUCHMORE, who were already working on some great designs for the 99pi store (below). They in turn started developing creative options and got in touch with Ugmonk, a friend and manufacturer in Los Angeles who put together some mock-ups. They generously agreed to produce these new creations at cost so that earnings from mask sales could be donated to a worthy cause.


Meanwhile, MUCHMORE Design has been working on much more than just this wonderful mask, including the above designs for avid plaque readers now available as a pair of stickers. The one on the left is a watchful reminder to “always read the plaque” — the one on the right was inspired by the iconic look of English Heritage plaques.

A delightful Roman Mars quote became the basis for another MUCHMORE creation: “If you can fix a problem with a funicular, you fixed the problem the best way possible.” This shirt comes complete with a modified funicular patent design on the front and above quote on the back (printed on Bella + Canvas Apparel, distributed by DFTBA).

More about Hate is a Virus: committed to addressing xenophobia and racism fueled by COVID-19, they have partnered with community leaders, advocates, and more to spread the word about injustices against Asian-Americans and are committed to standing in solidarity with any other communities that are also impacted by racism.

Check out the 99pi store for these masks & more!



Special thanks to MUCHMORE and Ugmonk + 99pi’s own Sofia Klatzker and Vivian Le.

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