Limited Edition: Order Your Signed Copy of The 99% Invisible City

While supplies last, you can get an author-signed edition of The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design by Roman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt — click here to order at Barnes & Noble. The authors have also signed a number of copies for sale at local and independent bookstores, including:

Ever wonder how authors sign copies of books that haven’t even been printed yet? We didn’t know either, until a few months ago when the printer shipped a few thousand high-quality, extra-thick pages (tucked into a set of boxes) to us in beautiful downtown Oakland, California.

Roman started unboxing stacks of sheets and signing them in marathon sessions, then passed them off a few boxes at a time to Kurt. Weeks later, we carefully packed and shipped over 80 pounds of signed sheets back to the printer to be cropped and bound into the books.

These make a perfect gift for friends, family, or … yourself! Now is your chance to own one (or more!) of these limited-edition signed versions for sale at Barnes & Noble and other booksellers — click here to order.

  1. Jodi Fisher

    I love you guys, but I am sad that I have to buy your signed book from B&N, and not the local independent bookstore.

    1. 99pi

      We are working on getting some signed editions sent to local bookstores as well, but it’s a work in progress so I’m afraid we can’t make any promises yet!

  2. Caragh Waller

    I can’t buy your book online and have it shipped to me in Australia, despite us being MASSIVE 99PI fans!! HELP!!!

    1. 99pi

      Unfortunately, the signed books are only available on B&N at the moment so we are restricted to the international shipping restrictions they have in place. We will have a reward for all pre-orders, regardless of where you purchased the book, coming up soon!

    2. 99pi

      We’re trying to solve some of the signed-edition issues right now – it’s tricky because of different publishers in different regions and trying to coordinate how to sign across various – but we’ll share more info when you have it. Unsigned ones, though, should be available in Australia, regardless!

    1. 99pi

      The signed copies were temporarily sold out but are now back in stock. =)

  3. Stéphane Demers

    I’m assuming I can’t get it shipped North of 49? (Technically Toronto is at 43…)

  4. James Lush

    I’m sad that I can’t have this shipped to the UK, but intrigued about the “reward for all pre-orders”. Greetings from south east London, UK

  5. KB

    How can there be no Oakland bookstores on your list of independents?! I would happily pre-order and trek anywhere in the East Bay to pick up my signed copy. Help!

    1. 99pi

      I’m fairly sure there will be some Oakland stores on the list eventually – this was just the first-pass list sent to us by the publisher of stores that had already signed up for signed copies. We’re constantly getting updates and it’s pretty hard to keep track of them, to be honest!

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