Kickstarter Season 4 Announcement

We’re taking the show weekly in 2014 with your help. Join us! [Editor’s note: this campaign is now over – thanks for your support!]

There are lots of very cool thank you gifts on the Kickstarter page (scroll down for a few examples), but we’re just looking for people to give us a signal that you want the show to expand and produce more.

10,000 backers at any level will tell us we’re on the right track. Pledges of $1 welcome and appreciated. The beauty of the system is you just pitch in what you can.


In this mini-episode, we revisit John Marr’s story that started a tiny 99% Invisible movement: “Always Read the Plaque.”

A few Kickstarter rewards…



Architecture-Alphabet-Small jpeg

Dazzle shirts!


Our video

Pledge now!




  1. Chad Parkinson

    Yo Roman. So I just made a pledge not only because your show is awesome but I want that razzle shirt bad. But I was never asked on what size I needed. If I end up with a small I will never listen to the show again. Just joking but seriously. How do I go about getting the size I want? Thanks. Chad

  2. Mike Casey

    Hooray! It’s beginning to look a lot like 10,000 supporters! I find myself compulsively checking and refreshing the kickstarter page – how is a person supposed to get any kind of work done on a day like this?!!! Aaaaaarrrrrggghhh! Go! Go! Go!

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