The Fever Tree Hunt

“Most heists target gold, jewels or cash. This one targeted illegal seeds. As the British established their sprawling empire across the subcontinent and beyond, they encountered a formidable adversary — malaria. There was a cure — the bark of the Andean cinchona tree. The only problem? The Dutch and the French were also looking to corner the market in cinchona. And the trees themselves were under threat.”

This week on 99pi, we feature a story from Stuff the British Stole, a co-production of ABC Australia and CBC Podcasts. So “grab a gin and tonic and come with us to hear how a botanical empire took off — and gave birth to a quintessential cocktail.”


  • Presenter: Marc Fennell
  • ABC RN Supervising Producer: Zoe Ferguson
  • ABC RN Executive Producer: Amruta Slee
  • CBC Producers: Leah-Simone Bowen and Eunice Kim
  • CBC Senior Producer: Tina Verma
  • CBC Executive Producers: Cesil Fernandes and Chris Oke
  • Sound Engineer: Martin Peralta

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