Rounding Down: 40+ Popular Stories From the First 10 Years of 99% Invisible

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of 99% Invisible, we’ve been publishing a series of roundups, in part for new listeners and readers. In this end-of-the-year guide to end all guides, you might find something novel, or: new ways to get your friends and family into 99pi!

First up, a series of staff episode selections that span the history of the show, as well as producer quotes explaining their individual picks.

For fans of older and shorter 99pi stories, these minis will feel familiar; each set features multiple tales and telling them is a holiday tradition!

Next, a varied series of greatest hits and fan favorites, representing both popular episodes and ones most frequently suggested by fans.

Over the past half-decade, 99pi has branched out from podcasting, too, publishing articles and making videos in addition to audio episodes.

And if all that isn’t enough, Roman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt also wrote an entire New York Times best-selling book with even more stories!

99pi fans help the show thrive and word-of-mouth helps it grow. Thank you so much for listening, sharing, and joining us as we start into a new year and our second decade of telling stories about design!

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