Two Storeys: Language Bites and the Memory Palace

While we’re gearing up for season 3, we present two pieces from two shows we love.

First up, Language Bites from RTE Choice in Ireland. “Language Bites” is a series of 1-minute programs exploring the origins of popular phrases in the English language. It’s presented by Colette Kinsella and sound designed by Lochlainn Harte. This episode is about the origin of the word “storey” (or in American English “story”) when used to refer to a level of a building. There are 80 episodes in the series and I just adore them.

Our second selection is from Nate Dimeo’s brilliant show, the Memory Palace. Each episode of the “Memory Palace” features pointedly short, surprising stories about the past. It’s sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hysterical, and often a wonderful mix of both. It was also a huge inspiration in the creation of 99% Invisible. This episode is about the beautiful sculpture and star map commemorating the Hoover Dam.


The Memory Palace is being produced monthly as the newest member of the Maximum Fun podcast family. Go get every episode; you’ll love it. While we’re on the subject of MaxFun, I also can’t live without Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, Judge John Hodgman, and My Brother, My Brother and Me. Try them out, too!

  1. Gabriella Perry

    Just discovered 99% Invisible while doing a random search. I am a huge fan of Memory Palace and my first thought when I heard your podcast is how much it reminded me of it. So it made total sense to me when you said that Nate is one of your inspirations. You nailed it! It very much has the same feel and your voice is a similar soothing-draw-you-in sort of quality. I love it! So happy to have found it. Now if you don’t mind can you please convince Nate to put out podcasts as often as you do? Thanks!

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