The Power Broker #02: Jamelle Bouie

For those reading along at home: welcome back to our read-along series on The Power Broker, a groundbreaking book by Robert Caro looking at one of the most infamous urban influencers in modern history: Robert Moses, who reshaped New York City.

On today’s show, Elliott Kalan and Roman Mars will cover pages 91 through 177 (chapters 6 through 10) with guest Jamelle Bouie, columnist for The New York Times and former chief political correspondent for Slate. Bouie brings along his expertise at contextualizing history and connecting the past to the present.

Last episode, we landed in November of 1918. Robert Moses is about to turn 30. His career in public service is has almost ended at this point; he’s complete failure. All of his different programs he has proposed have failed. But then he gets a call from his former boss’s wife ….

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