Producer Position Summary

99% Invisible is looking for a talented and driven Producer to research, pitch, report, and produce for the show. We’re seeking someone with an eye for great stories, an interest in decoding the built world, and a commitment to our goal of expanding the diversity of voices on our show. For this role, we’re also looking for someone with some editing chops. While this is mainly a producer role, this person will also edit other producers, both on-staff and in a freelance capacity. The multifaceted nature of this job will give the Producer the opportunity to work across all aspects of our production process and thus have a big influence on the show. As a producer, this team member will generate story ideas, conduct interviews, cut tape, write narration, and voice it on air. As an editor, they will weigh in on pitches, oversee construction of stories, develop relationships with potential collaborators, and bring in new voices and diverse perspectives to the show…. Read more and apply online here.

Senior Audio Engineer Position Summary

99% Invisible is looking for a talented and driven Senior Audio Engineer who will work remotely. The Senior Audio Engineer will be part of the growing team responsible for recording, mixing and sound designing primarily 99% Invisible shows, as well as working on Stitcher’s growing roster of podcasts, which range from weekly host-driven shows, to richly sound-designed storytelling, to complex investigative serials. In addition to ensuring that the highest quality audio is captured and delivered, you’ll collaborate with hosts and producers, help to maintain a pleasant, organized and efficient studio environment, and ensure that our listeners always enjoy great-sounding audio…Read more and apply online here.

Part-Time Spring Student Internship, Podcast Editor (Jan 31-April 22)

99% Invisible is looking for a Student Intern this Spring. This is a part-time position over 12 weeks (Jan 31-April 22) and will be remote. The Intern will:

  • Learn and contribute to operations for 99pi’s upcoming weekly episodes.
  • Help production teams by researching sources, sending booking requests, preparing background research for host and producers, looking for archival materials, cutting tape, etc.
  • Assist with the team in supplemental materials for the website and posting to social media.
  • Participate in team meetings and creative collaboration.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Read more and apply online here.

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