Tramadol is a very strong medication belonging to the drug class Narcotic Analgesics. It is a synthetic Opioid and directly acts on the brain and spine which means that it is pretty powerful enough to subdue pain through its action on the human central nervous system.

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The drug is not available without a doctor’s prescription and therefore it is not taken without the latter’s permission. Even after prescribing the medication, the doctor would monitor the symptoms of the patient as its side effects can be life-threatening. It is not a medication for all kinds of patients as your doctor would first ascertain your body’s immunity and other medical conditions if any before prescribing the drug. Again, not all patients act similarly if they have side effects and therefore you may need to go through a few clinical trials as per your doctor’s advice.

During hospitalization, patients are monitored round the clock and it is often seen that they are given an extended-release form of the above drug so that they will not feel any excruciating pain. It is generally given to patients admitted after an accident.

Drug Misuse and Warnings

Tramadol is a high-risk medication in case it is misused or taken as an overdose. Several patients have suffered seizures while taking the drug and there may be an increase in suicidal tendencies among them and some people may get addicted to the drug pretty easily. It also doesn’t go well with some other medications and this may increase the symptoms. Hence, it is always better to take the drug under the supervision of your doctor.

Your doctor will give you a check-up and study your past and current medical issues if any. If you have severe breathing problems or use alcohol, or sedatives, or suffer from other severe diseases then you cannot take the drug. Your doctor may therefore ask you to take other medications.

Indeed, children are never allowed to take the medication as they may suffer from its implication especially as the drug acts on the central nervous system. It is generally not given to patients less than 18 years of age. You shouldn’t take the drug if you have stomach or bowel problems, liver or kidney diseases, or any other medical condition that your doctor would have found out during treatment.

Even if you have any metabolic disorder then your doctor would refrain from suggesting Tramadol narcotic drug as it may create issues within your body. For those who do not suffer from such medical issues, Tramadol is one of the most effective forms of medication to give you immediate relief from pain.

Side Effects and Dosages

Tramadol is usually taken with food or without your meals, but you may need to consult your doctor about the same. The tablet is swallowed whole and shouldn’t be crushed, chewed, broken, or dissolved. If you take the tablet in two pieces then your body will treat it as an overdose and this can have severe side effects. Again, do not compensate for a dose that you have not taken without consulting with your doctor.

Your medicine must be kept away from moisture and heat and you must store it at room temperature. The usual dose for adults as per the doctor’s prescription is 50 to 100 mg daily under your doctor’s supervision. The maximum dosage shouldn’t however exceed 400 mg daily.

Tramadol causes severe side effects like problems with proper breathing including the sudden stoppage of breathing during sleep. You may experience a slow heart rate or weak pulse. Sometimes, people also experience light-headed feelings or seizures. Some others may experience nausea, vomiting or dizziness, or diarrhea.

By and large, Tramadol ratings are more positive than negative, but the same should be taken under a prescription.

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