Oakland Raycats now in the 99pi store!

You can now purchase the coveted “Oakland Raycats” tshirt, and all the other 99pi apparel, in the Chop Shop Store. Treat yo self!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.21.04 PM


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    1. roman

      Unknown, sorry to say. We bought out all of the baseball shirts from all the distributors. If I hear we got a shipment, I’ll spread the word!

  1. Michael

    I just discovered this and am finding no images to distinguish the men’s black T from the “canvas” green/white baseball T. (What does “canvas” mean?) The picture above appears to show a black/white T and a green T, which doesn’t match either descriptions. I’m sorry for being poor enough to bot just buy one of each without caring.

  2. Matt

    Is there any chance of the 99PI “Grid” shirt coming back in a small size for men? I’d love to buy one!

  3. These will always be reprinted again. Just some faster than others. We have lots of grid tees, so not too soon for that on the Small, but definietly by Christmas.

  4. Kristina

    Love the Raycat shirt, love 99% invisible even more! BUT American Apparel shirts run way too small. I’m an average height, normal weight woman who just barely fits in the Extra Large. American Apparel is sizest. This shirt is not available for curvy women or women who like a looser fit. Please consider switching manufacturers.

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