New episodes are released every 10-14 days, but there is a huge back catalog of evergreen episodes designed for radio airplay.


Each radio episode is 4:30 exactly and made to fit in the C block of Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, or ATC. Some stations broadcast 99% Invisible in the news hole of hour-long weekly shows. On KALW, this 4.5 minute show generates an outsized and overwhelmingly positive response from the listening audience. Try it on your station, you’ll see.


We have pulled together a “Starter Pack” playlist of 25 episodes that serve as a great introduction of 99% Invisible to your audience.


We are distributed exclusively on PRX for terrestrial airplay.


Full length episodes are heard around the clock on PRX Remix.


We air regularly on APM’s The Story with Dick Gordon


Our home station:

91.7 KALW, San Francisco- Friday 7:35am & 4:35pm, Saturday 8:35am, Tuesday 10pm


Also heard on:

91.5 WBEZ, Chicago- Sunday 7:01pm

90.5 WESA, Pittsburgh- Saturday 3:01pm, Tuesday 9:35am

89.3 WFPL, Louisville- Thursday 3:30pm

Vermont Public Radio- Sunday 10:40am

90.1 WFYI, Indianapolis- Saturday 10pm



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