Episode 145: Octothorpe


If you want to follow conversation threads relating to this show on social media—whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Tumblr—you know to look for the hashtag: #99pi. ...

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Image Correspondence #16

It's that time of year again: the season for greeting cards, holiday packages and postage. This week's image correspondence takes us back to episode #47, "U.S. Postal Service ...

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Image Correspondence #15

Episode #80 An Architect’s Code reveals that vision is power.  The episode focuses on a Northern California prison called Pelican Bay, but we learn that most, if not ...

Episode 33

140: Vexillonaire

Here's a trick: if you want to design a kickass flag, start by drawing a one-by-one-and-a half inch rectangle on a piece of paper. A design at these dimensions held 15 inches from ...

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Image Correspondence #14

I spent 7 hours in the Benito Juarez International Airport waiting for a connecting flight on Saturday, so I had plenty of time to think about episode #32 Design ...

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