Episode 128: Hacking IKEA


IKEA hacking is the practice of buying things from IKEA and reengineering—or "hacking"—them to become customized, more functional, and often just better designed stuff. The locus of the ...

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Image Correspondence #9

One of the super-early episodes of 99% Invisible, (Episode 3) introduced us to RjDj's music apps. Using a smartphone platform, the apps augment a listener’s sonic reality through reactive ...

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Image Correspondence #8

Using freshly gleaned wayfinding-literacy from producer Sam Greenspan's episode #126, Walk This Way, I bring you the chevron floor at O'Hare International Airport. Photo credit: Kate Joyce Leaving baggage ...

Episode 19

125: Duplitecture

The best knock-offs in the world are in China. There are plenty of fake designer handbags and Rolexes but China's knock-offs go way beyond fashion. There are knock-off Apple stores ...

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Image Correspondence # 7

Shortly after listening to episode 104, Tunnel 57, I came across a segment of the Berlin Wall standing in a tight corner of Chicago's Brown Line train station. Photo ...

Episode 52

123: Snowflake

Well before the early 1500s, when Sir Thomas More first coined the term "Utopia," people have been thinking about how to design their ideal community. Maybe it's one that doesn't ...

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